The pocketable printer is finally here. ZUtA Labs is out with a new Mini Mobile Roboto Printer designed to work like an inkjet printer on wheels. Rather than having a giant printer with internal mechanisms and a pulley system to drag the print head across a sheet of paper, ZUtA’s solution rolls itself across the top of a sheet of paper. Thanks to a companion mobile app users will also be able to tell the printer what to draw using anything including a smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

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ZUtA Labs, a student-created startup from the Jerusalem College of Technology, sees its mini printer as a way for users to bring the office with them on the go for work and play. Underneath the printer is a gray scale inkjet nozzle. While the first version of the mini roboto won’t be able to create colorful pages, it can produce over 1,000 pages with a battery that lasts over one hour on a full-charge. It also has an omni-wheel system that allows it to turn on a dime in any direction.

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Currently the little robot has a print speed of 1.2 ppm and it can reach a maximum resolution of 96 by 192 dpi. Using Bluetooth it can connect to just about any device out there. Meanwhile, the printer itself is only 10 centimeters tall and 11.5 centimeters in diameter, all weighing an easy to carry 300 grams. If you’re interested in picking one up yourself, a pledge of $200 will get you a Mini Mobile Roboto Printer in black.

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