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Only knots and bolts are cut out, making very little waste, while also creating a line of furniture without cutting down a single tree. Designed to be used inside or outdoors, the streamlined, chevron shaped bench is by no means rustic.

Forms+Surfaces’ Boardwalk Bench has an asymmetrical pattern that allows the designers to use as much salvaged wood as possible, from scrap bits to full slats. Only knots and bolts are cut out, creating very little waste and the whole line of furniture is made without cutting down a single tree.

The bench preserves a piece of regional history gleaned from a seaside city that was once the East Coast’s playground, luring vacationers for over 100 years. Now that much of the city’s shore, as well as the rest of the East Coast, must be rebuilt, the bench feels all the more iconic.

Aside from being a company dedicated to environmentalism and upcycling, Forms+Surfaces has really shown their passion by donating the Boardwalk Bench’s profits to help rebuild the inspiration and source of their product.

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