Frank Gehry Set to Design Facebook’s New NYC Campus

by , 06/05/13
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Credit: Everett Katigbak, Facebook

Facebook has tapped renowned architect Frank Gehry to design the interior of its newly leased New York office, a 100,000-square-foot space set on two floors at 770 Broadway (a LEED Silver-certified building with ultra-efficient lighting and water systems). This isn’t Gehry’s first stint with the social media giant – he’s also behind the design of Facebook’s Menlo Park campus expansion in San Francisco, which features a rooftop garden. Though Gehry has no plans to add a garden to the New York offices, open floor plans, natural lighting and collaborative workspaces will be at the core of the design.

“We were delighted when he agreed to help us build out our new space in New York,” said Serkan Piantino, site director of Facebook New York’s engineering team, in a post on their website. “It will share many of the features of our headquarters, but will be distinctly Big Apple in design and speak to the unique experience of working in a place like Manhattan.”

The move will double the size of Facebook’s engineering offices (currently located at 335 Madison Avenue) and will also house marketing, communications, sales and design teams. Move in is set for early 2014, marking Facebook’s second year anniversary in the city.

“We are looking forward to creating a space that speaks to the values of Facebook and allows them to continue to do their best work,” Gehry said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. CatOnACactus June 6, 2013 at 5:44 am
    I spent a fortnight near Frank's Music Center and can't admire it enough. Sadly, Facebook's campus won't be open for the public, even though the public submits most of the free content that makes Facebook its money, while also underwriting its NEGATIVE 40% tax rate. So, WE are the ones hiring Frank Goldberg ('Gehry') to design this for Mark. Good for mark for keeping its design modest. One small fact-checking point--Menlo Park's an HOUR's drive from San Francisco; just ask the Facebook employees gentrifying historic SF neighborhoods, and making our rents insanely inflated, how long it takes to get to work, on the company shuttle.* So, It's not IN San Francisco as you say above. It would be a beautiful bike ride to get there, though. *It would be AWESOME if Google, Facebook, et al. would invest in bringing the public transportation in the area up to speed, rather than just providing sleek, unmarked shuttles to their employees. What's the problem? These then monopolize the public's bus stops, BLOCKING and DELAYING city transit for the city's poorer residents. These geeks have revolutionized the way we share information. Couldn't they now see fit to help move the people who lived here--their unpaid content providers, after all--around town on functional public transportation? Can't their employees take part in the civic experience and create something for the community? Or are they just biding their time before they jet off to the next adventure, after the bubble breaks? You folks DO know we're in another bubble, right?