Inside Tour: Ethical Fashion Designer M Patmos Gives Her Brooklyn Home a Conscious Facelift

by , 10/25/14
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INHABITAT: What’s the story behind the hand-crafted wood closet in your room?

Marcia: I’ve lived here for a while and previously I had ripped out a partial wall and a doorway and it was just a terrible closet that wasn’t spacious. My friend, Miggy Buck, is a furniture maker and sculptor based in New York and she constructed the closet and also built in shelving to better use the space. She built those for me knowing what I like- a little bit of a mid-century style but modern- custom designed for that space.

INHABITAT: What’s your favorite result of the renovation you did with Robert Farrell?

Marcia: I love how the living room and kitchen space are now joined because it used to be chopped in two. It’s much nicer to have it all open. I also love the gray. I was getting obsessed with it. The color for some reason is calming.

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  1. Kevin2Lewis March 8, 2012 at 10:16 am
    re-use furniture and other home's pieces is always a good alternative. And for less money we can have very cool pieces and a different and personalized decoration.