The British menswear label Smithfield recently teamed up with furniture designer Peter Masters to create an eclectic and 100% recycled interior for their new Manchester shop. The dynamic space uses mailing tubes and shipping boxes as elements of digital-age styling, recycling them into incredible wall coverings, light fixtures, hanging sculptures, and clothing displays.

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Peter Masters runs a company called Burnt Toast that specializes in clean-lined, well-crafted objects, and he has also created interiors for a variety of clients including the UK based store Habitat and sportswear label Adidas. Burnt Toast’s deconstructed aesthetic, which can been seen in their designs for chairs and tables, coordinates well with the upscale urban fashion at Smithfield. Although the corrugated interior is intentionally minimal, a designer’s eye can tell that there was considerable planning behind these well chosen forms.

The concept behind Brunt Toast’s interior is that the cardboard components can be reused in a variety of configurations without added materials or cost. As the fashions change through the seasons, the store will also continue to look fresh. The store’s relaxed, but mature aesthetic compliments the clientele that visit The Northern Quarter neighborhood in Manchester.

All the cardboard components are made from 100% recycled materials and are sourced from Romiley Board Mill. All of the wood used in the construction came from MRC, a Manchester wood recycling company. Smithfeild’s store blog states that “the focus behind the shop, both interior and contents, is that to stand out from the crowd it shouldn’t cost the earth.”

 interior, uk, cardboard, recycled, menswear, smithfield, peter masters

Besides the tubes and boxes, there are cardboard animals watching over the fashions. The dogs were inspired by the collie in the Smithfield logo. The company chose this breed to represent them, because they are synonymous with hard work and a fiery temperament. The store carries a host of Scandinavian and European brands including: Wood Wood, Spitfire Design, On Tour, Organic label Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Dunderdon and local brand Three Crowns.

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