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Located on an artificial island just north of Copenhagen’s city center, UN City houses 1,700 UN staff. The eight-point star represents the UN’s involvement in all reaches of the globe, and the perforated white aluminum skin was designed specifically for this project. Comprised of three meter long panels, the shutters that control solar gain without sacrificing daylighting are computer operable by the firm’s employees.

Cooled by seawater, the building also boasts a rainwater collection system. This water is used to flush toilets. Further water conservation is achieved with special aerator taps that minimize flow. However, by far the most impressive aspect of this already breathtaking design is an incredible sculptural staircase located in the center of the daylit atrium. Linking all floors of the building, this beautiful work of art also encourages dialog and multicultural socializing – key tenets of the UN’s overall mission.

+ 3XN Architects

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