Good news for European jet-setters: traveling from the U.K. to Germany and Holland is about to get a whole lot easier. German rail company Deutsche Bahn is in the testing stages for a cross-channel bullet train route from London to Frankfurt and Amsterdam — and it could be ready within three years. This marks the first time that there will be direct rail service from London to Amsterdam.

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The Inter City Express train will travel at 200 mph and cost as little as £39 for a one-way trip. That’s cheap and fast enough that the train will replace airplanes as the main form of transportation from the U.K. to Germany. The train will run three times per day and carry 888 passengers on each trip.

Deutsche Bahn’s news comes a few weeks after Eurostar announced plans for a high-speed train that will carry passengers from London to Paris in less than two hours — making it technically possible for people to commute from one country to the other on a daily basis.

Via UK Daily Mail