aga khan award, aga khan award winners, green architecture, sustainable architecture, bridge school The Aga Khan Awards, last given in 2007, are decided upon every three years and recognizes all types of building projects that affect today’s built environment, from modest, small-scale projects to sizable complexes. The award does not just recognize architects for their creative, innovative or inspiring works, but also recognizes municipalities, builders, clients, master craftsmen and engineers who have played an important role in shaping the built landscape. In this awards cycle, the Master Jury, responsible for choosing the winners, noted that a central factor their selection included issues of identity and plurality and their intersection in an increasingly globalized world. The Jury emphasized “the generous and pluralistic visions reflected through the winning projects, and the transformative roles they have played in the improvement of the quality of the built environment both in places with a majority of Muslims and in societies where Muslims are in a minority.” + Aga Khan Award for Architecture