Someone has come up with a brilliant idea to turn a Playmobil hairpiece into a helmet so kids will start wearing them. A duo of Swedish and Danish designers created a compelling prototype through 3D printing and color-matching the hair. With the right amount of consumer demand, you could find one in stores soon.

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An estimated 75 percent of bicycle-related fatalities in child populations can be avoided with the use of a helmet, but statistics won’t get kids to wear them. Enter Simon Higby and Clara Prior from the Stockholm and Copenhagen offices of DDB, respectively. To increase the odds of children protecting their noggins while riding bikes, they figured the helmets would have be more attractive to them. Cue the Playmobil hair replica designed to help keep kids safe.

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With the help of Danish design company MOEF, the team created the helmet by 3D scanning the tiny plastic piece and 3D printing a sturdy helmet. The final product looks just like the Playmobil piece, perfectly fitted for a tiny human’s head. Sadly, only the prototype exists, but the team told they “would love to” produce them for the masses with the right know-how.

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