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Moby1, XTR, Micro-Home, tiny shelter, Teardrop Trailers, Green Transportation, Solar Power

Moby-1 XTR Expedition Trailer

Moby1‘s XTR puts a modern spin on the classic pull-along teardrop trailer. While the look of this camper may be retro, this compact beauty actually comes packed with running water, solar panels, a rooftop tent and space for a mattress.

tentsile, portable tent, portable shelter, hanging tent, suspended tent, portable treehouse

Tentsile Treehouse Tent

Campers are told to tie their food high up on a tree branch to keep bears at bay. The Tentstile Tent takes a similar approach with a portable habitation that suspends you high off the ground. The tent can hold up to three people and is accessed via a rope ladder in the middle.

Jakpak, all-in-one jacket, sleeping bag tent jacket, camping gear, temporary shelter, waterproof jackets, camping tents

JakPak Jacket, Sleeping Bag and Tent in One

If you’re one who likes to travel light, then it doesn’t get any more minimal than the JakPak jacket. This sturdy jacket goes from a sleek looking windbreaker to a full body sleeping bag in just a snap. And to turn it into a tent? Simply pop the hood over your head and you’ve got yourself shelter.

midget bushtrekka, kamp rite, bike trailer camping, mini camper bicycle, sustainable travel, cycling, pop-up camper

Midget Bushtrekka Bike Camper

Bike trips are a great way to get out on the open road without increasing your carbon footprint. But wouldn’t it be great if you could bring along more than a backpack on your journey? Kamp-Rite’s Midget Bushtrekkais a cool new bike camper that lets you pack away goods into 41-gallons of storage space. The trailer also transforms into a luxurious tent with a cot to keeps you off the ground when sleeping.

verdier eco camper, verdier eco rv, solar powered vehicle, energy efficient vehicle, sustainable transportation, hybrid camper, efficient rv, verdier volkswagon camper

Verdier’s Solar-Powered Eco Camper

If you’re not into the idea of roughing it in the woods, the amazing Verdier Solar Powered Camper will add some luxurious eco-style to your outdoor jaunt. Verdier’s eco-RV is based upon a classic VW Westfalia and it has been upgraded with green elements, like a hybrid engine, solar panels and numerous other high-tech systems.

dre wapenaar, tree tents, treehouse tents, sustainable architecture, green design, alternative dwellings, tree-sitter housing, treetop housing

Dre Wapenaar’s Treetents

While these tents by Dré Wapenaar were originally designed for tree-sitting activists, they also make excellent escapes for campers, kids, and anyone who wants to spend some time softly swaying among the branches. Quite spacious (for a tent), each tear drop shaped inhabitation measure thirteen feet tall and 9 feet  in diameter. The interior is outfitted with a roomy hardwood sleeping platform and a round mattress roomy enough for two adults and two children.