A small mountain lodge has replaced an old ski lift station on the Krkonoše mountains in the Czech Republic. Czech studio ADR designed the Černá Voda, named after a nearby stream, to serve as a place of respite for short-term guests of a nearby lodge’s owner. The isolated retreat stands in a meadow apart from the Horní Malá Úpa village, among tall trees and lush shrubbery that shroud the cabin in serenity.

Black cabin in a snowy landscape

Stepping inside the Černá Voda, guests will find a bright, minimalist design. Light timber, which covers the walls, floors and ceilings, creates an open, airy feel. The kitchen space offers a sharp contrast with blackened wood cabinetry. The simple interior draws focus to the large windows and their picturesque views of the mountains, including Sněžka, the highest mountain peak in the country. One window opens to the outdoors and allows a breath of fresh air into the cabin.

Blackened timber cabinetry in a kitchen

Upstairs, a sleeping loft outfitted with protective netting offers a quiet space for visitors to rest. As natural light filters into the ground floor at daybreak, the loft benefits from the pitched ceiling and retains some darkness for guests who prefer to sleep in. During cooler months, a small wood-burning stove keeps the cabin toasty and inviting after a long day of exploring the outdoors.

Black cabin surrounded by trees

The mountain lodge blends into its forested surroundings in the summer with its dark metal and blackened wood cladding. When the landscape becomes blanketed in snow, the gabled cabin stands out boldly in its environment. On the west end of the home, a deck extends the living areas to the outdoors.

On the left, black timber kitchen and a dark wood burning stove. On the right, pendant lights hang above a small dining table

The Černá Voda mountain lodge has been nominated for a 2018 Czech Architecture Award, which promotes projects that embrace the public and the environment by both new and seasoned architects.


Images via Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

Black cabin on snowy hill at dusk