Lazy House’s design emphasizes the relationship between house, garden and city. Each element flows together in this beautiful, harmonious home.

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A streetview of a rectangular, two-story home with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Part of a new urban area in the Czech Republic, Lazy House is located above the Zlín valley on a slope that connects to the Lazy residential district. With its lower floor base sunk into the slope, the house has a square floor plan with a rotated layout. The house sits facing the north and the valley below to create gorgeous views.

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A backyard with a rectangular pool that looks onto the back of a rectangular house with a green roof. In the background is a city lit up in the evening.

The floor plan is divided into two separate guest sections with separate access. There’s also room for a wine cellar and a swimming pool with a grotto. A “social zone” area houses the dining room, living room and kitchen. This is in the central part of the home. The master suite area has a walk-in closet and a “secret” bathroom door. Meanwhile, the two smaller bedrooms share a bathroom.

A swimming pool with a wavy, triangular wood structure built over one corner.

The western part of the house has a guest apartment with a separate entrance, terrace and garden. The unique layout helps eliminate the need for hallways and corridors so that the space is used for living and not for connecting areas.

A bird's-eye view of the home and it's backyard, showing a pool, walkway and rooftop garden.

Lazy House is constructed out of reinforced concrete with high-performance thermal insulation. Adapted from the original brick design, the wine cellar features interior steel waxed shelves and a roof covered with Irish moss. The green roof over the main portion of the home creates the look of an infinity meadow that blends into the landscape.

A dining room with wood floors and walls. To the left, a fireplace is built into the wall. In the middle of the room there is a table with four chairs.

The house showcases an open concept that creates stunning panoramic views of the surrounding city. Vegetation around the house creates privacy without destroying this beautiful view. Tall grasses and bamboo plants form a green “fence” of sorts around the property.

A living room with a gray sofa, TV, coffee table and ottoman. The parallel wall features floor-to-ceiling windows.

The design aims to be seamless, streamlined and flowing, like nature itself. Even the garden is made to look like a smooth, natural green carpet.

+ Petr Janda

Photography by BoysPlayNice