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Lørenveien 68 is proposed for an inclined piece of earth out of respect for the existing landscape and surrounding buildings. The slant is incorporated into the interior design through a hidden parking garage and technical facility located underground as well as ramped corridors throughout the building’s numerous levels.

Although the building is mainly composed of office areas, a great deal of space is dedicated to what the architects call “social zones”. Large areas with floor-to-ceiling windows hug each corner of the cube, providing natural light and breathtaking views at all hours of the day. Some areas include terraces and gardens for relaxation and others contain cafeteriasand gyms for recreation. The social zones all connect to a central atriuminside the building’s core, which serves as the social center for meetings, parties, and leisure activities.

A-Lab is also using the cube as their first experiment with eco-BIM technology. The relatively new and underused design program helped the firm create a double-layered exterior that capitalizes on a natural heating and cooling system. The space between the facade the inner layer creates a chimney effect where natural fresh air is ventilated into offices while saving incredible amounts of energy. Because of this, the building’s insulation allows for even more energy-saving thermal mass.

Økern’s combination of commercial office space with leisurely additions and innovative design gives it the potential to become yet another stunning and innovative architectural hub in Oslo.

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