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50m2 House, OBBA, Seoul, South Korea, affordable housing, small spaces, natural lighting, green architecture

The 50m2 house is located in a shanty neighborhood at the entrance of the Gaemimaeul, one of the few remaining colonies of rag pickers in Seoul. This part of the city features a lot of murals and street art. Because of the limited budget, the architects decided to preserve and utilize the site conditions as much as possible and built a house of 50 square meters – the maximum area that doesn’t legally require a parking lot.

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Occupying a corner lot surrounded by roads sloping towards north, the house was designed with the entrance located between the first and second floor. The living room and kitchen are housed on the second floor in order to utilize natural lightingand views of the neighborhood, and have a slight level difference so that the cooking table is extended to a seated dining table in the living room. The ground floor includes private rooms and a bathroom. The study and a movie screening room are located in the attic and there is even a loft for the couple’s cats. Due to the small size of the house, the designers made sure to efficiently use every nook and corner of the available space.


Via Plataforma Arquitectura

Photos by Kyungsub Shin