Despite all the reasons why we should cut down on caffeine, it’s hard to say no to that daily little cup of java goodness. So rather than flipping on the switch to your energy hungry espresso maker – or even worse, stuffing your machine with those wasteful single serving plastic containers – we suggest you try the Presso Espresso, an eco-friendly and recyclable espresso maker from designer Patrick Hunt.

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Through a controlled blend of pressure and temperature, Presso offers a simple and eco-friendly way to get your daily fix (or fixes!). All you need to do is fill the tamp handle with your choice ground, pack it in, add hot water, raise the handles of the machine to let the water infuse the grinds, and then press the handles downwards to release your piping hot beverage below. Made from polished aluminum, the Presso can also be recycled at the end of its life.

We admit the basic principles behind the Presso Espresso aren’t that different from a traditional moka, or even a French press, but the design is pretty sweet!

+ Patrick Hunt

Via Designboom