Instead of giving cut-flowers with a 5-day lifespan this Valentine’s day, why not go the more sustainable (yet equally romantic) route and provide living, breathing plants to your loved ones instead? Living plants not only last longer, but are much more environmentally-friendly option as well. One fun and useful option for your kitchen is the AeroGarden – a high tech, NASA-tested, aeroponic garden gadget that grows an array of plants and herbs without soil or chemicals. Its Plug ‘n’ Grow BioDome Seed System allows you to plant tomatoes, gourmet herbs, salad greens, chili peppers and more, then stand back to watch the flora sprout with only the nourishment of air, water, and nutrients.

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And for those of us who aren’t blessed with a green thumb, AeroGarden also integrates a Computerized “Smart” Garden System, which notifies you when to water and add nutrients, as well as monitoring your plants’ light levels and water flow. And even if you live in a dark basement apartment, the AeroGarden’s energy efficient lighting system provides appropriate levels of full-spectrum daylight to let your herbs photosynthesize to their hearts’ content.

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