Aesop’s latest addition to their international collection of eco-stores packs a bamboo punch that is sure to delight locals and tourists alike. Opened in December last year in Sheung Wan, China, the shop’s new branch will sell the company’s full range of mostly plant-based skin, hair, and body products in a store wrapped in bamboo. Set in a western district of Hong Kong where tea shops and temples still exist, the company sought to provide a modern, healthy shopping experience that pays its respects to the location’s cultural and historical relevance.

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The store features compressed bamboo shelving and a bamboo-clad exterior. In addition to being a hardy and fast-growing building material, bamboo is one of China’s most ubiquitous cultural staples. By incorporating this beautiful material so lovingly, Aesop sends a triple message: have good health, love the earth, and respect the locals. The 600 square foot Sheung Wan store is located close to Hollywood Road Park and encircled by towering apartment blocks.

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