There are a number of annual events that we follow here at Inhabitat, but few are as exciting as the unveiling of the P.S.1 Young Architects Program winner. The combination of ephemeral architecture, great design, and sustainable building is irresistible to us, and this year is no exception. Conceived by MOS Architects, “Afterparty” is a commentary on the current economic crisis. Composed of recycled materials and thatching, the design comments upon the hangover that architecture is facing as a result of the previous years of excess.

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In times of economic turmoil there is certainly something to be said for sobriety in design. Sure, Afterparty is an extreme combination of chimneys, ducts and vaults just as eclectic as any other seen at the P.S.1’s outdoor courtyard. But what is striking about this particular design is the lack of any, well, bling. The materials chosen are quite basic – a recycled aluminum framed structure covered by thatching with a bit of concrete here and there.

The conical shapes will provide much needed shade, and even work to provide passive ventilation to the occupants of the courtyard via a stack effect generated thanks to the courtyard’s shaded concrete walls and water troughs. The shapes are meant to recall the fading factory typology of long island’s industrial past. According to MOS, the installation is a commentary on the hangover that architecture is facing after the extreme shapes of the past, structure’s lack of humanity, and the excessive use of high-tech materials. The exhibit will open in June in New York City.

+ MOS Architects

+ P.S.1 Young Architects Program