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The home sits in the coastal area of Saltsjö-Boo in Sweden, a popular spot for holiday homes. On the southern facade of the home, a concrete wall provides privacy from the access road, while the northern facade of the home is covered in floor-to-ceiling glass to direct the view to the ocean and let in tons of light.

Six concrete walls extend across two facades divide to the interior space, which is where the home derives its name. Some of the spaces in the room occupy both stories of the home, while other spaces are divided into two stories by a concrete slab floor. The living room area has high, two story ceilings and extends the full width of the home, while a bedroom and kitchen occupy a single floor.

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“The result is a sequence of different types of spaces with specific characteristics: a narrow and tall entrance situation, generous-sized bathrooms, bedrooms as balconies, a roof terrace among the pine trees, an intimate dining area and a generous living room with abundant light,” said the architect.

In contrast to the geometric rectangle shape of the building, a circular staircase provides access to the second floor and a round skylight allows even more daylight to enter the home.

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Images via Mikael Olsson