Chu Hai College of Higher Education in Hong Kong is getting an airy new look designed byOMA. Slated to open in 2013, the 90,000 square foot campus will house open spaces for classrooms, studios and offices. With a nod to sustainable design, the campus will use natural ventilation systems and with its open air façade, it will be cooled by breezes from the nearby sea.

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The winner of the 2010 design competition to build the school, OMA is partnering with Leigh & Orange Architects to construct the university. Located next to the picturesque Castle Peak Bay, a set of two eight story buildings will provide tranquil views of the sea and surrounding hills. The two classroomcomplexes will feature aerated facades to promote cross-ventilation, and also enable students in classrooms to glimpse the aforementioned views.

Between the main buildings is a grid of common space of varying heights. A zig zag of gradual ramps connects the library, cafeteria, gym and lecture halls.  The ramps also provides quad like sitting areas and shade for students to sit, eat lunch or study in. The steps and ramps will also be juxtaposed with greenery and flowers.

The new campus will be a second home to 4,000 students, who can mix and mingle in the central common area. Attention to air flow, superior views and sense of community will make the new Chu Hai College Campus one of inspiration for its students.


Via Arch Daily