The art of candle making goes back thousands of years with the first recorded references dating to 1000 B.C.E. What began as a necessity for illumination has turned into a small luxury we incorporate into our lives and our interior design. Remedium understands this, and in response, uses candle making methods that revolve around natural and simple techniques and clean ingredients you can smell. 

Remedium candles offer straightforward scent solutions. Candles come in a glass jar that can be recycled or reused, with a cork lid that fits snugly for storage. There are also large and small candle bowls, a ceramic reed diffuser and stacking candles poured into hand-crafted porcelain glazed ceramic mugs. 

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Each candle is made using coconut wax. Remedium chose this material since it comes from a natural and sustainable crop: coconut. Crops are harvested in an eco-friendly way and since it doesn’t contribute to deforestation, the trees and the animals stay intact. 

The wax is cold-pressed from the coconut meat and results in a non-toxic product. Coconut wax burns at a lower temperature so it fuels the candles longer than other wax types. The larger size candles have an estimated 80 hours of burn time and the smaller jars are rated for 35 or more hours. The wax burns clean, without a chemical smell, since they are made from all natural ingredients

Remedium candles rely on plant-based essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils sourced from around the world. Scent recipes are developed to nurture a calm and stress-free environment, without impacting the planet. 

The dedication to natural materials extends to the wood wicks, which also add a rustic appeal to the look of the candle. 

Remedium explained, “Our wooden wicks are manufactured in the USA, naturally processed and sourced from sustainable forests. Besides looking unique, wooden wicks provide a soft crackling sound when burning to create an alluring and warm ambience. Unlike cotton wicks, wooden wicks emit no harmful toxins, have far less carbon build-up, debris and sooting.”

The topper on the sustainable material selection process is the renewable cork used for the stoppers. Cork comes from cork oak trees. However, it doesn’t require cutting down the tree in order to harvest. Instead, cork is shaved off the outside of the tree every nine to 12 years, which makes it a renewable and environmentally-friendly material choice. As evidence the process doesn’t harm the trees, they regenerate their bark and commonly live 100 to 300 years.

The attention to detail is seen in each aspect of the candles, with each batch being handmade and poured without mass production. Yet, Remedium takes pride in fulfilling custom orders for weddings, corporate promotions, thank you’s and other events. 

The company is based out of California where each candle is poured. Remedium products can be found in dozens of retail locations across the United States and online. It offers a Subscribe and Save discount for recurring orders. 

A candle with a cork lid set in between a scoop of salt and orchids

Remedium review

The company provided a sample candle for review. It arrived quickly and was packaged in a recyclable box with minimal packaging. In fact, the candle was inside a very nice drawstring, cloth bag that will be useful around the house or for gift giving. 

Right out of the gates I’ll tell you I’ve become incredibly sensitive to scents. There are very few I can tolerate so, although pleasant, I had to send this candle to the lower half of my house after trying it out. It’s not that I disliked the scent, but simply that my body responds with an allergic reaction. 

Having said that, this is clearly a quality candle brand. The jar is thick and the cork is also hearty. In addition, I really do love the look of the wood wick. It provides a distinctive appeal. 

The candle lit immediately and provided a welcoming crackle while it burned. I found the scent to be noticeable, but in no way overwhelming. Even the floral overtones of the sea salt and orchid were pleasantly present. 

I appreciate the effort to detail each candle scent on the website. For example, this candle was described with top notes of sea salt, middle notes of jasmine, muguet and leaves, and base notes of wood and vanilla. The description also includes the intended aromatherapy benefits “Uplift & Soothe” and listed the essential oils used in the candle. This one has lily of the valley and jasmine.

Of course smell is subjective, but the descriptions are thought out and informative. My husband adopted the candle and reports he’s still burning it after a few weeks, so it appears to be true to its 80+ hours burn time.

+ Remedium 

Images via Remedium

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