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The front of the Moor Street House was left as is, but the back half of the home was removed to make way for a new, modern and more efficient space that the whole family could use. With only 15 feet of width to work with, Maynard had to be smart about the new addition, so, instead of a building a monolithic addition, the design team constructed a series of volumes that enliven the backyard space and provide function as well. Split into three volumes (bottom floor and two on the top), the addition is a shifted form that encourages movement, light and shade.

Facing the north, the backyard enjoys a sunny aspect, so passive solar design helps maintain a more comfortable indoor climate. A light well in the middle of the home pulls daylight into the center of the home, while overhangs provide shade on the back deck. A tree in the backyard provides shade in the summer, but lets light pass through it’s leafless boughs during winter. A concrete floor in the kitchen soaks up that heat as thermal mass, conducting it into the house. A sliding glass wall in the kitchen can be opened to extend the room out onto the deck and natural ventilation keeps the interior fresh and cool. Finally, rooftop photovoltaics provides some of the energy needed for this newly renovated home.

Images ©Peter Bennetts