Modular shelving, with its endless possibilities, gets taken to the next level with Andy Martin’s Undergraduate Shelving. Playing with the familiar shape of stackable building bricks, Martin has created a playful reinterpretation that also happens to be incredibly useful. The bricks can be modified to suit the needs of any area while adding a ton of style to a room.

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Martin was inspired by his own experiences as a student in Sydney, where he and his friends “built brick shelves everywhere, they ended up forming the walls between us. In later years they evolved into a myriad of painted and graffiti structures which dominated our space.” With the Undergraduate Shelving, the shelf is deconstructed down to its most basic shape. Martin sees this as a way of “ridding ourselves of the complexities of contemporary furniture and giving the opportunity to be modified and redesigned by the user.”

The blocks are created using a CNC Carving Machine to create the shape. The fast growing timber block is then coated in lacquer. To secure the bricks together, a rubber puck is placed between the blocks, essentially acting as a life-sized LEGO system.

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