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World-renowned artist Anish Kapoor has created a mysterious vortex of swirling black water on the floor of a disused movie theater in Italy. Located in San Gimignano, Kappoor’s “Decension” whirpool appears to perpetually drain into the unknown, inviting viewers to imagine the space beyond what is seen.

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The historic cinema and theater has become home to Galleria Continua, the hosts of Kapoor’s latest exhibition, which closed earlier this month. Rather than exclusively hanging artworks in the space, Kapoor decided to integrate the old wooden floor of the former movie theater as part of one work. Cutting a circular hole into the floor, Kapoor allowed for visitors to have a unique view of Decension, but looking down into it, rather than the usual view of seeing a piece hung on a wall.

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The dark and turbulent whirlpool churns and churns, swirling an unappealing tank of black water around and around. In the center, the whirlpool seems to drain, creating an illusion that the mass is being sucked down into an unknown and unseen space.

Kapoor’s piece is based on his thoughts on space and perception, asking viewers to imagine the space beyond what is seen. By suggesting a void or an abyss, the artist asks us to consider and contemplate the vastness of space and the universe.

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