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The Big Bang explosion of moss appeared at the Russian Club in the UK, which hosted the W Project – a celebration of female artists. The circular patches of moss depict mother earth as a seed shattering explosion. Her moss typology project, Grow, appeared on a wall in London that is slated for demolition. She won’t say where it is located exactly, but she wanted to express her appreciation for the existing urban wilderness before it is completely vanquished.

Lastly, Moss Cross was created for the Urban Physic Garden, an urban community project by several architects, artists, and designers in the UK designed to promote nature and its healing properties. Moss, it turns out, is not just a cool new way to deck out empty walls, but it also has anti-bacterial properties and saved thousands of lives as a wound dressing in World War II! Keep an eye out for Anna Galforth… she has other groundbreaking projects up her sleeve that put her squarely en par with some of the greatest green graffiti artists out there.

+ Anna Garforth