Finding a new Banksy piece is like opening a long-awaited birthday present, so you can imagine our delight when we got wind that the world’s most beloved graffiti artist might be trying his hand at origami stencils! Lonely Villein snapped these photographs of a crane with a goldfish in its mouth somewhere in the United Kingdom, and speculates that the urban artwork is a Banksy original. Is it is, then it’s definitely a departure from his usual style, and we absolutely love it!

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Some people in the blogosphere are perpetuating rumors that the crane and goldfish may signal news that Banksy’s wife is expecting a baby, whereas others have pointed to the symbolism of both animals. The Crane is revered in Chinese mythology for its long life span and because spirits ride on its wings, while the gold fish represents wisdom and tranquility. Banksy has not added this project to his website, so it is uncertain whether he really is the person behind this gorgeous street art, but either way, it rocks! Stay tuned for more details.

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images courtesy The Lonely Villein, flickr