Happy World Water Day! In honor of this day of international awareness, Annie Leonard has released a new video talking about the evils of bottled water. Entitled “The Story of Bottled Water”, the new short film is done in the same style as her hit video The Story of Stuff, with simple cartoons, hard-hitting facts and compelling information. Even if you were against bottled water before, this video will make you cringe at how wasteful bottling water in plastic can be.

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The video is definitely worth the 8 minutes and can give you some excellent ammo if you’re battling someone addicted to bottled water. With over 1 billion people who don’t have access to clean water, it seems pretty ridiculous that we’re spending money on something others don’t even have access to. And did you know that bottled water costs 2,000 times more than tap water?! And that we buy more than half a billion bottles of water a week, which would leave a trail of plastic bottles more than 5 times the circumference of the globe?!

Leonard’s new video goes on to explain that we were tricked into buying bottles of water from corporations looking to make an extra buck. They’ve misled us about the safety of tap water as well as the taste, but studies show that in most taste tests, people actually prefer tap water to bottled water. So do your part by boycotting bottled water, supporting funding and legislature for public water infrastructure (like more drinking fountains), using reusable bottles, and always recycling.