You came, you crafted, you voted, and now we have a grand prize winner for this year’s Green Halloween Costume Contest! After narrowing down what seemed like and endless number of awesome homemade Halloween costumes to just 18 finalists, we left if up to you readers to decide which green-themed, hand-made costumes reigned supreme this year’s Inhabitat Green Halloween costume contest. So who came out on top with the most original and inventive costume? Jump ahead for all the prized picks and even a few faves chosen by the Inhabitat editors!

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GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Soda Tab Monty Python Black Knight

An impressive exercise in reuse and fine craftsmanship, John Grimes takes home the grand prize for his version of the Black Knight from the hit classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The chainmail sleeves have been made entirely out of soda can tabs that he’d been collecting all year, and the helmet is a simple garbage can with hot glue on it (to give it texture). John’s costume claimed 299 votes for an undisputed victory!

SECOND PLACE: Gulf Coast Mermaid and BP’s “Employee of the Year”

Everyone loved the searing irony of Elizabeth Sorrell and her fiancé’s take on the year’s biggest tragedy, and the duo walked away with 211 votes for second place. With Elizabeth dressed up as a  Gulf Coast Mermaid and her fiancé BP’s “Employee of the Year,” their costume also makes a statement for the possibilities of modest spending –  her mermaid costume was from eBay, the fish skeletons have been cut out from used printer paper, and her poor bird was an old birthday present that turned into her dog’s toy and her fiancé’s costume is an assemblage of pieces he already owned. Even Flipper was recycled the day after Halloween!

THIRD PLACE: Boston Terrier Chia Pet

Echo proves that you don’t have to be human to enjoy Halloween. His clever owner, David Kittle, turned him into an even more adorable Chia Pet, able to win the puppy loving hearts of you readers. With 98 votes, Echo walked away with third place!


FIRST CHOICE: Boston Terrier Chia Pet

We Inhabitat editor’s also couldn’t help but be enamored by this cute pup. Grabbing almost all of our top votes – three barks for this green-clad canine!

SECOND CHOICE: Floating House from Pixar’s “UP”

“Up” is certainly one of our favorite movies, not only for its touching story, but its environmental message. So when we saw this amazing recreation of the house by Abby Freeman and her boyfriend, we knew they deserved a nod.

THIRD CHOICE: Soda Tab Monty

Python Black Knight

Just as impressed as the readers by John’s diligent craft. We were blown away by each the throwback to this classic Monty Python character, John’s use of recycled materials, and above all, his ability to fashion body armor out of soda tabs!

With this said, we’d like to congratulate the winners and extend a special thanks to all the awesome people who participated in this year’s Green Halloween Costume Contest! And if you want to look through the whole array of ingenious DIY entries, check out the Inhabitat Green Halloween website and the photo gallery below. Until next year, we bid you a Green Halloween adieu!