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Apt 1211, Alan Chu Arquitectos, micro apartment, São Paulo, Brazil, tiny apartment, tiny home, apartment 1211

This small apartment only has a footprint of 25 sq meters, so Alan Chu had to make the most of the small space. Organized across two floors, the renovated micro apartment has an open floor plan kitchen and living space on the bottom floor. Then a spiral metal staircase leads up to the second floor with a bedroom and bathroom. A large window on the exterior floods the entire space with daylight.

The cabinetry was inspired by wooden crates and makes the space playful and organized. The boxes were built from certified pine wood and feature bright red interiors. Storage, media spaces and the kitchen built from boxes in a variety of shapes all meld together. The theme continues up to the mezzanine, while glass walls protect the upstairs without sacrificing light. Finally, the flooring on the second floor is made withreclaimed demolition wood.

Images ©Djan Chu