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The architects introduced an open-plan kitchen and dining space within the first of the two extensions. The second extension is nestled against the brick gable of a neighboring building that sits next to the inner garden. Both extensions are clad with untreated larch slats which will change color with time and acquire a patina that gives them an even more organic feel. Ridged timber with large panels of glazing focus the attention on the garden area.

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The project is in line with the architects’ chosen name-the tactile qualities of untreated timber creates a warm atmosphere and give a particular feeling of three-dimensionality to the façade. The kitchen and dining area are illuminated with two skylights, while a concrete fireplace dominates the lounge area accessed from the kitchen via a short flight of wooden stairs. The project preserves the original quality of the Victorian property and enriches it by introducing new spaces that feel both modern and rustic.

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Images via Simon Keneddy