Some people might think it’s irrational, but “prepping” has become a lifestyle for a growing population. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault was inspired to design a survival jacket after having conversations with prepper groups concerned with practical preparations for a potential Apocalypse in the run up to the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Withtoday’s ecological challenges similar to those that destroyed the Mayan civilization, will more people try to get their hands on accessories such as Batteux Flahault’s adaptive jacket to prepare themselves?

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The ‘On the Edge’ urban camouflage style jacket includes a visor and mask to protect eyes and the respiratory system while inflatable sections at the neck below the pockets prepare the wearer for flooded terrain. A blade in the sleeve and diagrams in the hood offer tools for self defense and trapping prey in the event that market stalls and supermarket shelves become bare. The jacket’s lining houses precious food and clean water, plus first aid supplies such as bandages at the back. To keep the user warm, foil covers will pull down over the legs. Like any good life jacket, there are signals to attract attention, here in the form of unfurling orange flags.

“For me the jacket is the image of a movement” said the designer. The coat was first seen atDutch Design Week 2013, and just this week Ecouterre published stunning images of a plant based breathing apparatus. Both designs reflect a growing consciousness of our planet’s fragility as well as awareness of how climate change could cause serious catastrophe. As a dutch prepper told Batteux Flahault “If I were you, I would very quickly start prepping…”

+ Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault

Images via Marie-Elsa Batteux Flahault

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