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Tel-Aviv-based artist Ayala Serfaty and photographer Albi Serfaty’s lighting and furniture designs have stood the test of time. Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier began in 1994, and since then duo has taken their meticulously handcrafted designs to the next level through sustainable construction techniques.

Origami artist Ilan Garibi worked with Aqua creations to transform blank sheets of paper into handcrafted, original works of art. Each 96 Molecules lamp is crafted by folding a single sheet of paper without any other manipulations. The process emphasizes craftsmanship and creates a unique product that is not mass-produced – it takes a single person a full day to fold two pieces!

The soft light and delicate material complements and contrasts with the cnc-machined mahogany wood which functions as the base for the table and floor lamps. 96 Molecules lamps are available in a range of sizes, so they can serve as centerpieces or accents that add a touch of timeless design to practically any interior.

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