Skateboarding has always been a green way to get from point A to point B – whether boarders think that’s an important point or not. The folks over at Arbor are making this alternative mode of transportation even more green by making decks, trucks and wheels of sustainable materials like bamboo. Theboards are just as durable as wooden decks, and have awesome art options just like regular decks.

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, Skateboarding, renewable materials, recycled materials, sustainable materials, Arbor Skateboards, bamboo, cork, bamboo skateboard, cork skateboard One sustainable board is the Hybrid, whose deck is constructed of sustainably sourced wood and highly renewable bamboo. Bamboo is extremely tough and durable, a quality skaters appreciate so that they don’t have to replace decks as often. Arbor also uses recycled glass grip tape, rather than synthetic silicon beads.

The Rally board utilizes cork for the top of its deck, which is suitable for barefoot skating (although that seems dangerous to us non-skaters). Cork is harvested every nine years and the process does not harm the cork trees, and new cork bark regenerates itself.

All of Arbor’s boards are finished with non-toxic water based finishes, and use recycled plastic risers – and recycled anything when possible. The folks at Arbor are committed to producing snowboards, skateboards and clothing with the least environmental impact, and with as many green materials as possible.  They also go above and beyond, donating 5% of their profits to environmental support groups like The Rainforest Action Network and The Nature Conservancy.

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