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The barge hosts two separatepools – a large 82′ x 36′ pool that is 8 feet deep, and a smaller 36′ x 32′ kiddie pool that is only 4 ½ feet deep. Together, they complete Bordeaux’s CUB Olympic facilities. The wooden deck surrounding the pools is the perfect place to spread out a towel and catch some sun.

The eight moveable storage containers house amenities for the makeshift swimming club. Each is allocated for different purposes – reception/check in, an office for lifeguards, a locker room, men and women’s showers and toilets, and a small infirmary. They are located on-deck while the barge floats down the Garonne, but when the pool is docked the shipping containers can be lifted by crane and placed on shore – expanding the complex, and creating more deck space.

The vessel also has an on-board water filtration system. River water would be taken in as the barge moves down the river, sent through the filtration system, and then it fills each of the pools. The water would be clean and fresh, without the harsh chemicals used in other public pools.

The versatile project would be an asset to Bordeaux, creating a unique summertime experience with gorgeous city views. Even better, the project could dock and create a makeshift public park for residents to enjoy.

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