São Paulo-based architects, Nitsche Arquitetos have unveiled a beautifully colorful beach home made out of a unique blend of building materials, including prefabricated timber pillars, multi-colored window shades and a translucent polycarbonate roof. Completely surrounded by a dense native forest adjacent to one of the most beautiful beaches located along the São Paulo coast, the Casa Praia Vermelha is elevated off the ground by six large glulam pillars to set the home’s living areas high up in the tree canopy

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home exterior with colorful window shades

The house has two main levels, plus the bottom floor, which houses the garage and storage. The structure is lifted off the ground by six large glulam pillars (Glued laminated timber) to blend the home into the surrounding lush greenery. Along with the abundance of trees, the home’s flat roof overhangs significantly to provide extra shading and the large windows help provide natural ventilation when opened during the searing summer months.

home exterior with colorful window shades

home exterior with colorful window shades

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The exterior of the home manages to stand out among the green canopy, however, thanks to its series of colorful window shades. The varying hues of yellow, orange and red give the design a fun,whimsical aesthetic. Contrasting to the vibrant colors is the design’s more austere building materials, including a thermos-acoustic metal cover and translucent alveolar polycarbonate roof tile cover that illuminates the interior with muted natural light.

interior dining room with long wooden table

outdoor patio with pool and deck space

The square volume of the home is comprised of eight rectangular modules, four make up the large living room and kitchen spaces, while the remaining four house the bedrooms. Thanks to the translucent roof, the interior is bright and airy, with hints of warm wood to create a comfortable and welcoming living area. To further blend the home’s interior into its natural surroundings, large sliding doors open up to an open-air deck with a splash pool in the corner.

+ Nitsche Arquitetos

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Photography by André Scarpa and Cacá Bratke, via Nitsche Arquitetos

interior living room with vibrant blue couch

home exterior with colorful window shades

home exterior with colorful window shades