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Not only is Mr. Howard able to travel at leisure with his compact, yet comfy traveling art studio, the 12 square foot mini wagon is a veritable mine of recycled and repurposed materials. Built by the artist himself, the wagon’s aluminium chassis and framing for the port-side wall was originally a pop-up craft fair booth. The bicycle hitch was taken from a dismantled church organ and the wheels on the folding bicycle as well as the wagon’s rear stabilizing legs were all repurposed from a camera tripod. For the wood and fabric components, the artists reused materials from an old mini van camper.

Small but functional, the mini wagon has all of the basic necessities, making it the perfect option for the nomadic artist in us all. The wagon itself is a fold down structure that can be folded into a low, compact box for easier transportation by bike. Inside the wagon, the bed takes up most of the floor space, but offers storage space underneath. Three removable panels under the mattress provide safe keeping for art supplies, clothing and food. Included is a small sink and a one burner stove on the interior. Once opened, the bed can be converted into a sitting area and a small “floating” table can be let down for dining or work. And, of course, no traveling artist’s studio would be complete without a fold-up painting station attached to the front of the wagon.

While it may be easy to assume the little red wagon would be enough for the prolific artist, Mr. Howard plans to continue his gift to the tiny home movement by building more micro structures out of repurposed materials. “My next project will be a full size gypsy caravan which will be my permanent home,” he explains. “I will probably build it on a flat bed trailer around 10 or 12 feet long.”

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