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The South Korean artist patiently worked for weeks to even months, laboring on the minutiae of her artwork to achieve each frame’s Alice in Wonderland-like dreamscape. The studio, which measures 11.8′ x 13.5′ x 7.8′, morphs from ‘Nightscape,’ a serene, multicolored fan-covered landscape to ‘Panic Room,’ a swirling, dizzy scene with distorted grids and perspectives. Though each setup draws from her imagination and the fiction of various Korean fables, Lee connects her surreal landscapes to reality by hand-making her own props and forgoing digital manipulation.

A recent graduate from Seoul’s Hongik University, Lee is recognized as one of Korea’s rising artistic talents and has already received multiple awards including the 2012 Sovereign Art Prize. Her photographs, which have been exhibited throughout South Korea and Japan, will make their first showing in Europe in the Stage of Mind exhibit at the Opiom Gallery in Opio, France next year.

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Images via Opiom Gallery