Happiness Brussels is hoping to raise some cash to rehabilitate habitats destroyed by the Gulf Coast spill by selling art made from the area’s number one offender — oil from the disaster. The team is raising money to benefit the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) by selling posters that have been screen printed with crude oil gathered from Louisiana’s most troubled beaches.

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A lot of paint in the art world is oil based — though many artists use paint based on friendly materials like linseed oil. Happiness Brussels decided to take that idea to the next level. The poster’s brainchild is graphic designer Anthony Burrill who came up with the short (and not so sweet tag line) and the idea for using actual oil to screen print the posters. Though the idea may seem a little foul, the final product is actually quite nice and the design of the posters is definitely attractive. Price for the posters is around $240 USD, and that includes shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

Plus, all the proceeds go to benefit CRCL and the devastated beaches of the Gulf Coast. You can head to the website that Happiness Brussels has set up to either purchase one or donate directly to CRCL. Screen printing is a pretty green way to get things done — man power, not machine power cuts down on energy use. Plus, these guys cleared a little oil from the beaches with their own two hands.

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