Cohta Asano, Japanese architect, hair salon, green renovation, laminated veneer lumber, mirrors, Fukushima, Japan, veneer, pendant lights, green interiors, steel frameThe designers of the 137-square-foot space took advantage of the sharp angles and used them to divide the hair salon into areas with different functions. They kept the existing steel frame and incorporated it into the design. Additional support was introduced, creating a distinct space that doesn’t look like your average hair salon.

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The area for mixing hair color is next to the space with shampooing sinks, while a toilet occupies a small space in the corner. Shelves, storage spaces and cabinets were designed to fit the changing height of the rooms and feature strips of wood that match the material of the back wall. Mirrors and silver pendant lights create a sleek atmosphere with focused lighting.

+ Cohta Asano

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Images by Toshiyuki Azuma