Michael Oechsle’s gorgeous LivingLights are hanging gardens that illuminate interiors while freshening the air with living plants. Each ambient OLED light is powered by an “earth battery” that doubles as a small herb garden. The space-saving, self-powered garden lights are ideal for kitchens and other interior spaces in need of an infusion of greenery.

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Michael Oechsle’s LivingLight combines a hanging garden with an innovative low-energy pendant light. The earth-powered lamps illuminate only when natural light levels are low, thanks to smart technology. As the plants grow, the OLEDs are able to harness more power and provide brighter light.

The larger LivingLights can support herbs and small fruit and vegetable plants. The pendants can be grouped together to create an indoor hanging garden that provides herbs and veggies for a variety of recipes. The plants also double as natural air purifiers, and they cast patterned shadows around the room once the sun has set and the OLEDs are activated.

The planter’s shell consists of a biodegradable and recyclable glass water reservoir and a sustainable cork casing. The treated cork is water impermeable and rot-resistant, ensuring a fresh and clean growing environment for plants. The LivingLight is a unique lighting solution that lets urban dwellers farm fresh herbs and veggies.

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