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The Geyser complex actually consists of five sub buildings, which are linked together by an interior courtyard. The buildings are arranged like a village, with the inner courtyard serving as the town meeting space. Passive and active sustainable systems make Geyser a leading example for energy-efficient work environments.

The glass double facades on each building help to direct natural light deep into interiors of the offices. The double skin also acts as a natural heating and cooling system, trapping warm or cool air to help regulate the climate of the interiors. Employees can also directly control the interior climate, choosing only to heat or cool a small area instead of blasting an entire floor.

In warmer months, the double skin opens electronically, providing cross ventilation that directs air currents throughout the offices. A rainwater harvesting system collects water for low-flush toilets and irrigation systems for plant life around the campus. The office also encourages green transportation by providing showers and bicycle storage for its employees.

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