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Australian artist Mylyn Nguyen first started her craft when she decided she wanted to give form to imaginary friends. She first drew some pictures of what they would look like, and then sculpted them from natural materials.

To make her tiny figurative art she uses all sorts of compostable and found objects, including moss, pebbles, cotton strings, dirt, sponges, glass bottles, paper, twigs, clay and felt.

Nguyen’s cute little creatures keep her company throughout the day, and they are the closest tangible representation of her imaginative mind. From a fox made from clay to a row of snails carrying mossy trees, Nguyen’s wonderful creations are always themed around creatures and nature.

If you want to find out more about Mylyn Nguyen’s adorable tiny art, check her out over at Aussie gallery Brenda May.

+ Mylyn Nguyen

Photos by Mylyn Nguyen