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Despite their name and functionality, the Lune de Sang sheds are not your typical sheds. Built for working and habitation purposes, the concrete-and-stone structures were “conceived as ruins in the landscape…that have been unearthed and retrofitted…with crisp glass and steel details.” Although both sheds are sunken into hillsides and draw materials from the same raw and minimalist palette, the sheds are located in different areas of the landscape and are created in different styles.

The more recently completed Shed 1 is located deeper within the site and is enclosed by a stone wall on one side and rows of L-shaped concrete beams that jut out from the wall and turn at a right angle to form the ceiling and opposite wall. Clad in strips of glazing between the concrete ribs, Shed 1 frames views of the forested landscape. A utility area is embedded into the hillside and located at the back of the building.

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In order to keep the focus on the landscape, Shed 2 was also created with a muted yet elegant design. Unlike Shed 1 however, this structure was designed with a large cantilever made up of long concrete beams and timber garage-like doors that fold upwards to open the space up to the outdoors. The Lune de Sang sheds won the World Architecture Festival 2014’s “Production, Energy, and Recycling” Category Award.


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Images via CHROFI