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Angela Brady said “Maison L is a stunningly original house that creatively responds to the needs of its household – here everyone has their own private bedroom tower, but can come together in the most dramatic cave-like family rooms,” according to Arch Daily. She is referring of course to the core of the home, the living, social space, which is buried two meters underground and receives daylighting from glazed gaps between this space and the rising towers.

Each family member has their own towers, which overlooks the 5,000 square meter wooded plot that the designers valiantly left as undisturbed as possible. A stone wall wrapped around the core not only integrates the entire program within the verdant landscape located about an hour’s drive outside of Paris, but it also extends to act as a retaining wall. “This is no ordinary home,” said Brady, and we couldn’t agree more.

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Photography by George Dupin