Fix & Fogg makes sustainable nut butters that aim to be the world’s best. Founders Roman and Andrea Jewell wanted to create something “meaningful, sustainable and delicious,” according to their website. So they created a line of unique and sustainable nut butters, from peanut butter to oaty nut butter to everything, which includes chia, sesame and more.

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“We’re honored that our nut butters have now won awards worldwide and we’re lucky enough to now have amazing stockists not only in New Zealand but across the world in Australia, the United States, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Samoa and even Tahiti,” the founders said.

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A jar of Fix and Fogg nut butter surrounded by different color pink and red flowers

Fix & Fogg believe their award-winning nut butters are popular because people can taste the difference. Their products are made by people who care about quality. Additionally, the name of the brand comes from two characters out of the 1873 novel “Around the World in 80 Days” by Jules Verne: Phileas Fogg and Detective Fix. The founders wanted to also embark on a great journey by risking new ideas such as unusual flavor varieties and innovative packaging.

A jar of Fix and Fogg nut butter surrounded by yellow flowers

Furthermore, all nut butters are palm oil free, certified by the Orangutan Alliance. It means the products don’t resort to using cheap palm oil produced through slash and burn or other exploitative farming methods that destroy wildlife habitat or are not free trade.

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But that’s just the start of how sustainable Fix & Fogg is. They are B Corp Certified in New Zealand. They are the first New Zealand-owned manufacturer to be given this designation. This means the company takes social and climate impact seriously. The nut butter maker takes steps to reduce food waste, recycle and deliver products by cargo bike when possible.

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Also, delivery takes place in cardboard boxes with no plastic. You can reduce your carbon footprint upon order by clicking “carbonclick,” which supports projects to fight climate change. You can also return your nut butter jars for reuse if you live by the headquarters. Lastly, Fix & Frogg supports a living wage, and they are Living Wage accredited to prove it.

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