The designers behind Ski Dubai’s artificial ski slope, Snow World and B01 Arquitectos, have teamed up to improve on their original design with the world’s very first carbon-neutral indoor ski slope in Barcelona. If approved by Barcelona’s City Council, this new Snow World will be a component of the Zona Franca redevelopment project, which aims to transform a neglected industrial complex into a thriving residential area. Both the ski dome and housing area will be powered with renewable energy, while the extreme cooling necessary to maintain an artificial ski slope in a warm country will be achieved by harvesting the byproduct of converting liquefied natural gas back into its gaseous form.

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The 39,000 square meter dome will house a ski slope and an ice skating rink and will be powered by 3 different plants that derive energy from methanisation, solar power, and plant waste. The adjoining residential homes will be powered in the same way. The Snow World ski project in Dubai produces a whopping 30,000 tonnes of snow a day, which requires considerable energy to stay cold. Rather than using standard air-conditioning, Snow World Barcelona will harvest the cool energy that is the byproduct of heating liquefied natural gas in order to convert it into a gaseous state.

As Treehugger points out, it’s unclear whether that cool energy could be used for a more appropriate purpose than a ski facility along the Mediterranean Sea – just 2 hours from the nearest outdoor ski slopes – and the Barcelona municipality has not placed this project on their list of priorities, but it does seem to have the potential to enliven a dilapidated area of one of Spain’s most vibrant cities.

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