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Family barns in southwestern New York were deconstructed and the material was saved, milled and shipped 65 miles to the north to Southern Tier where the new home would be. The reclaimed wood was used for the structure, the rainscreen cladding and even interior paneling. BARNagain, which was designed by Rick Hauser of In.Site-Architecture, is a modern version of a barn with steep shed roofs, lofts and high ceilings. Set against a small slope, the home is bermed on the north side and protected from prevailing northern winds.

The three bedroom home makes use of solar passive design to provide ample daylighting. Roof overhangs and shading devices work to minimize solar heat gain in the summer, while maximizing it in the winter. A geothermal heating and cooling system working in conjunction with radiant floors provides energy efficient climate control. Meanwhile, a solar hot water system is mounted on the roof above the loft, and a pole-mounted photovoltaic system in the yard generates electricity. Energy efficient systems combined with a tight thermal envelope, high performance insulation and SIP walls make the home almost completely net-zero energy.


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