San Francisco’s Bay Bridge is currently undergoing a massive renovation as an aging section of the East Bay span is replaced with a new one, and the old conduit has fired up architects’ imaginations for new ways to use the soon-to-be abandoned space. Inspired by the success of New York’s recently opened High Line Park, Rael San Fratello Architects haver proposed a hanging neighborhood and sky park complete with 1.92 miles of bicycle paths, climbing walls, gardens, and meadows.

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Rael San Fratello Architects designed the Bay Line to include “bicycle and pedestrian access, housing and cultural activities, such as theaters, commerce and museums, as well as 1.92 miles of bicycle lanes, sporting facilities, such as tennis courts, climbing walls, squash courts, and skate parks in addition to orchards, gardens, and meadows“.

We’re certainly fans of adaptive reuse, however for all of the Bay Lines’ promise the project has met with several challenges along the way. These are primarily due to the fact that the aging span of the Bay Bridge is being replaced for a reason – it’s unlikely hold up in the event of a major earthquake. There’s also the cost – the development is projected to cost $350 million, which would be recouped through bridge tolls and rental costs.

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Via Fast Company