A new hotel, Hotel Nantipa, located in the Puntarenas area of Costa Rica, has been built with several sustainable features while also paying homage to the indigenous Chorotegan people who first inhabited the area. Designed by local firm Garnier Arquitectos, the hotel is integrated with water-saving systems, solar-powered water heaters, reclaimed building materials and more.

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aerial view of beachfront hotel bungalows and swimming pool

Paying homage to the native inhabitants of the area, the hotel’s name, Nantipa, means “blue” in the Chorotegan language. Positioned right at the shoreline, the hotel’s accommodations are centered around the idyllic landscape, including, of course, the stunning blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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thatched roof entryway to hotel

image of private bungalow with balcony

Wanting to redefine the Costa Rican concept of “barefoot luxury,” the boutique hotel is arranged in a semi-circle made up of 11 individual beachfront bungalows (Ninta) and 24 family-style rooms (Nanku). Most of the rooms have private balconies with ocean vistas, while others look out over the garden and central swimming pool.

room with large sliding glass doors and mid-century modern furniture

hotel bedroom with ceiling fan

Spread out over nearly six acres, the hotel also offers guests access to conservation areas, an ocean-view swimming pool and a spectacular beachfront restaurant. These areas, as well as the private bungalows, were all built using native, raw materials that date back centuries. Throughout the complex, natural stone, palm trees, leaves and large tree trunks were used to create structures that are reminiscent of indigenous huts.

bar area with stools

table in front of greenery

Surrounding the property is lush vegetation and palm trees, which were fiercely protected during the construction. Only six of the existing trees on the property were cut down (with a license), and the felled lumber was reused in the hotel’s construction or furniture. Multiple native trees and plants were added to the landscaping to keep the grounds as green as possible.

balcony with seating

image of private bungalow with balcony and pool

In addition to the hotel’s commitment for keeping the land as intact as possible, the buildings have been integrated with several sustainable features. Waste water is processed in a state-of-the-art treatment plant and is then used to irrigate the Nantipa gardens. Solar water heaters are found in each room, and energy sensors are installed throughout the hotel to reduce energy waste. The hotel and the restaurant all have systems in place to reduce single-use plastics. No straws or plastic bottles are allowed, and take-out meals are packaged in biodegradable containers.

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Photography by Andres García Lachner via Garnier Arquitectos