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Belgravia Green is a collaborative effort between homeowners, local experts and Effect Home Builders to push the envelope on housing and produce as much energy as the home uses. The 1,540 square-foot home is all electric to make use of the 12 kW solar system composed of 58 photovoltaic modules, which is said to be the 2nd largest residential system in Edmonton.

To make the most out of the solar system, the home is efficiently designed to adress energy usage. Passive solar design uses south-facing windows and thermal mass to soak up heat in the winter months. The showhome is built with a 12″ EnerGard Wall System made with engineered wood and expanded polystyrene which achieves an insulation value of R-42. These walls are structurally engineered wood columns coated with Pink Wood, a non-toxic coating which make the columns fire resistant, water resistant, and mold-free. The foundation is built with ICFs and the windows are triple pane from All Weather Windows containing two coats of low-e film and filled with argon gas. The home also features an efficient Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) and natural ventilation.

If you want to check out this green home, head to Edmonton where you can take a tour on Sundays from 2 – 4 pm or by appointment.

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